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Below you will get answers to the questions we get asked the most about our prep and the ACT  in general.

What is the ACT ?

ACT ( American College Test ) is the most popular test used to satisfy the standardised testing requirement for college admission in  the United States,  SAT being the other. It is now also administered online with a two today test result release policy. 6 tests are administered yearly and despite its name its equally accepted like the SAT in Singapore, Canada and the UK 

What are the  testing dates for the year 2019?

The test is administered 6 times in a year. The testing dates are different for the US and International students. Access the

                                   and the                      for more information.

 When will  the prep for the April 13th class start and for how long ?

The prep will be a two month long program with the free week starting  on Feb 7. You will be assigned to a suitable class depending upon your schedule and the results of your diagnostic test. The length of instruction and the time spend on practice and analysis will be set according to your requirements.  

How does the free trial week work ?

You will have a one week trial at the beginning of the course where you will be taught about 25 percent of the course for free. The instruction will consist of two sections from the test. You will also have complete access to the online learning platform. This will give you time to realise the quality of our prep before you commit to our program. We want to make sure that our students feel confident in the community they place their trust in.

When will I be charged for the course and what is the cancellation policy ?

You will only be charged one week after the instruction has begun. The due date for cancellation will be given once you register and you are free to do so anytime before this date. To do so you will have to go to your dashboard, click on your profile and access the payment section.

SAT vs ACT what's the difference ?

The SAT is more of an aptitude test and is much more qualitative than the ACT. The ACT will resemble your syllabus better. The ACT is more of a time crunch but the language is direct and clear. The SAT allows for more time per question but uses wordy and complex literature even for the math section. The ACT has a science section which the SAT doesn't. On the other hand,  the SAT has a math section that doesn't allow calculator usage. If you are  struggling to determine which test is more suitable for you take a free diagnostic test for both and talk to one of our prep experts.

If you have further questions please leave us a              and we will get back to you in no time or book a                        to talk to one of our experts.